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“They don’t stay this size forever,” Walton said. “When I come here every day, I need to teach them right . . . because that can be the difference between an angry adult or an individual who is able to manage their emotions and navigate life a lot better.” Walton sees his role in the children’s lives as important. In him, they have a role model to show them that it’s OK to show different emotions. “Being masculine doesn’t always mean having a hard exterior, being devoid of emotion,” Walton said. “What it really means is that we need to be full of life. We can be nurturing, caring, compassionate, a protector, all of these different areas.” Walton said he wanted to see more men step up and get involved with early childhood education, as there are few men in these positions.

But which program will end up winning out? Illinois basketball should be up there in the lead for Rodgers. I think all four teams mentioned above are legit contenders to land Rodgers. I don’t think there is a throw-in team that doesn’t have a chance. Something that might hurt the Illini is the fact they were his first official visit out of the teams that are left. Rodgers visited Champaign back on September 16. His next official visit was to Michigan State on October 1. Memphis was Rodgers’ next official visit on October 14. He then capped off his official visits with a trip to Alabama this past weekend. So, with over a month since his official visit, will this hurt the go Illini?

I'm probably one of the heaviest heavyweight champions in history tonight: 277 pounds,” he said. "I believe that I can beat anyone in history; any man born, I believe, I have a really good chance of beating him. ... You just gotta knock me spark out, and if you can't do that, you can't win."  We’ll talk about Fury’s resume and remarkable skillset in a moment. That last statement is what separates him from many of the great heavyweights.  Most heavyweights are phenomenal when things are going their way. But when the pressure comes from the other side, they aren’t nearly as resilient. Once someone figured out they could bully the bully in Mike Tyson, he wasn’t the same. And most suggest that Tyson, along with Sonny Liston, Earnie Shavers and George Foreman are among the biggest bullies and punchers in boxing history.  It’s safe to add Deontay Wilder to that list.  MORE: How Tyson Fury returned to heavyweight glory It’s been an unwritten rule that you don’t get back up when Wilder hits you. He’s proven it by knocking out every human being that he’s stepped into the ring with.