She's Been Playing Music Since She Was A Little Girl, And Spent A Lot Of Time With Her Uncle Who Played Bass And Saxophone.

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"She would give us a sermon every morning about how it was time to get up and why we were going to school," Divinity recalls. "And you got to make opportunities for yourself and...go out there and be something in the world and you got to be prepared." Channeling her mom's energy, Divinity says, "The lyrics are just about being prepared for your day, because preparation is the key to success." Divinity Roxx was plenty prepared when she auditioned for Beyoncé, but getting to that point in her career wasn't always easy. She's been playing music since she was a little girl, and spent a lot of time with on the main page her uncle who played bass and saxophone. Divinity's first instrument was clarinet. But when she was in middle school, her mother started doing drugs. "She wore herself out. I had this really rare blood disorder as a kid, so she had to take me to the doctor every single week," Divinity recalls.

Works by Milton Graves, the visionary drummer who died this year, at Artists Space. In his <a href=view publisher site remarkable practice and worldview, art, medicine, plants, human perception, the nervous system and the cosmos are all connected.' align='left' /> Here are three walks with our critics, a springboard to explore. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. Touring the galleries near Franklin Place; the Milford Graves show at Artists Space on Cortlandt Alley; outside the restaurant Frenchette; R & Company, featuring the design work of Verner Panton.CreditCredit...Photographs by An Rong Xu Published Oct. 28, 2021Updated Nov. 1, 2021 Galleries have been moving to TriBeCa for a good five years, but the migration has finally hit critical mass. As everyone from tiny new project spaces to the blue-chip titan David Zwirner floods in, this cast-iron and cobblestone neighborhood in Manhattan — south of Canal, north of Vesey and west of Broadway — is no longer just one option of many. For any New York-area gallery that needs to move or is opening another branch, TriBeCa is now the most exciting place to show contemporary art — the destination that has to be considered. There are now at least 41 galleries in TriBeCa, according to the real estate broker Jonathan Travis — who placed 22 of those himself — compared with fewer than 20 galleries two years ago, and still more are set to move in. It’s not just because a savvy real estate broker found a cache of dormant retail spaces, either. Rather, the neighborhood’s layout and architecture — an endearing mix of sudden broad vistas, quiet nooks and river views — offer the perfect compromise between the art world’s romantic 1960s conception of itself and its current professionalized reality.

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Their list of friends also remains invisible. Everyone on Snapchat can receive direct messages only from people they’ve accepted as a friend. This year, the app started serving notifications that prompt users to review their friend lists and remove any unwanted people. Google’s video-sharing app YouTube changed its policies in August so that videos uploaded by people ages 13 to 17 are only viewable if the video has been shared directly — so they don’t show up on the teen’s profile or in search results. The app also turned off autoplay, which queues up a new video right when another one ends, for accounts belonging to teens. Both the default video privacy and autoplay setting can be changed easily within a teen’s account. Like other apps, the company says people under 13 aren’t allowed unless a parent or guardian enables it. Google launched YouTube Kids in 2015 and supervised accounts for tweens and teens earlier this year with advanced content restrictions. Twitch is an app for sharing live streams and other videos intended for people 13 or older, the company says. Much of the content is video-game-related. Because video on Twitch is often streamed in real time, the company can’t always control what creators say or do.